Frontier Telephone Companies FCC 11
Effective Tariff
Description Tariff (Section)
Title Title Page
Check Sheets, Table of Contents, and Administrative Detail Section 0
Application of Tariff Section 1
General Regulations Section 2
Common Line Access Section 3
End User Access Service and Presubscription Section 4
Ordering Regulations Section 5
Switched Access Service Section 6
Special Access Service Section 7
Testing, Maintenance, and Additional Labor Services Section 8
Directory Assistance Service and Electronic Directory Assistance (EDA) Service Section 9
Federal Government Specialized Services Section 10
Special Facilities Routing of Access Services Section 11
Specialized Services Section 12
Miscellaneous Services Section 13
Service Provider Number Portability (SPNP) Section 14
Promotional Offerings Section 15
Special Access Service Individual Case Basis Filings Section 16
Dedicated Signaling Transport Section 17
Expanded Interconnection Section 18
Packet Switched Data Network Service (PSDN) Section 19
Reserved for Future Use Section 20
Reserved for Future Use Section 21
Internet Network Access Service (INAS) Section 22
Operating Territory of the Frontier Telephone Companies Section 23
Metropolitan Statistical Area Access Services Section 24
Pricing Flexibility Contract Offerings Section 25
Integrated Service Package Offerings Section 26
Reserved for Future Use Section 27
Reserved for Future Use Section 28
True IP to PSTN (TIPToP) Service Section 29
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